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Albion Saddles Are High Quality Saddles

For more than the past quarter of a century, Albion Saddles has supplied some of the most innovative and high quality professional saddles for competitive English riders "inspired by riders, perfected by technology". And we have to agree: with its innovations in design and engineering, the Albion Saddle maker is a force to be reckoned with for its competition, and a manufacturer to consider when purchasing a saddle whether for dressage, jumping, or GP/VSD ranges.

Because the Albion Saddle designers are serious riders themselves, you can be sure that the saddles they produce are engineered for much the same goals as yours: to win. The designers are relentless in their study to produce Albion saddles that make you as "one" with your horse as you can be, with as little sacrifice in the comfort of either horse or rider as possible: the saddles come in a range of specifications to best suit your horse and yourself.

The Albion saddles are handmade in Britain and are individually crafted, tested and tracked via computer, and stockiest must undergo application and approval before becoming official fitters.

The Albion dressage saddles, whose flagship member, the Platinum Royale, are designed for minimal interference between you and your horse; the Platinum saddles include such features as interchangeable trees. The Albion dressage saddle is available in high quality calfskin.

The Albion jumping saddle collection is the K2 Jump, which boasts large knee rolls without compromising excellent support and closeness with the horse. The jumping saddles come in three lines, including the Albion K2 saddle, as well as the light weight Kontact, designed for minimal restriction to the horse's jumping and co-engineered by rider William Fox-Pitt; and Kontrol, which provides the closeness you need without affecting your horse's performance. The GP and VSD models are designed for long term endurance for both you and your horse for a range of endeavors from hunting and cross country rides to shows, though each is slightly better for a different combination of purpose, rider and horse.

The saddles can be special ordered, as in the case of the Kontrol Flat, whose two regular models include the Flat Forward and Deep Straight variations, but upon request is available. The Platinum Royale is especially available in patent calf. A saddle from Albion is not only an investment in your performance but you and your horse's riding career, and it may be the right choice for you.

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