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Barnsby Saddles Offer Modern Saddlery

Although modern machinery has eclipsed the horse and wagon as a primary means of labor and transportation there is a company which has, for over 200 years, engaged in the fine art and craft of producing products which enable horse and humankind to blend into one unit. Equestrian riders may still rely on centuries old technology to stabilize themselves atop the horse, but modern technology and centuries of experience have come together to provide innovative tack for the humane control of the animal. No other saddle or tack company exemplifies the industry more acutely than Barnsby.

If the longevity of a company and the length of service of its employees is any indication as to the usefulness and inherent strength of its products, then English made Barnsby saddles and tack have their place at the top of the list. Since 1793 the Barnsby company, based in Walsall; the heart of the English saddlery industry, has, for a discriminating fraternity of horse lovers, handcrafted saddles from the finest leather available. Their concern for safety and regard for elegance has not remained stuffed in some 16th century closet, but has, to this day, evolved to shape their current line of products. In accordance with significant demands from a professional ridership of dedicated horseman and horsewomen from all across the globe Barnsby has kept an advancing pace to lead the industry.

From more traditional saddlery to models based on modern materials and techniques, the professional equestrian or the casual weekend rider will find, amongst Barnsby's 26 saddle varieties, a comfortable and secure horse mount. In this day of mass production and slim profit margins it is sometimes difficult to find a product which retains value and functionality, but Barnsby manages still to pride itself on producing one of the most popular and long lasting handmade equestrian products. Where the art and technique of horsemanship has become iconic the saddles produced by Barnsby are as well known and respected as afternoon tea. Even her majesty's guard relay on Barnsby to craft their saddles and tack..

One does not have to look far in horse and rider magazines to discover the popularity of Barnsby tack. World champions regard Barnsby as a top choice for well made, comfortable, and long lasting horse equipment tailored to individual needs and desires. Every conceivable aspect of comfort and safety is considered by Barnsby as essential for the design and construction of their quality products. And where fine quality and good taste epitomize gracefulness and delicate discernment, there you will find the benefactors of Barnsby equipment.

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