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Made in the USA with Legendary Quality - Billy Cook Saddle

All horse lovers and horse riders across the country know that there is something very special about riding on the back of a horse. It brings out feelings of peace and exhilaration--all at the same time. While horseback riding is a thrill, it is no fun at all if either the rider or the horse are uncomfortable. This comfort can be certain if one chooses the correct fitting and type of saddle. One of the most legendary saddle manufacturing companies is Billy Cook saddle. They are located in Sulphur, OK--made in the USA.

Quality is important when designing a saddle. When made with durable materials and craftsmanship, saddles can last a long time and stand up to many kinds of outdoor elements. Billy Cook Saddles are made tough for a reason--they are used for many different types of riding. Each saddle has a specific purpose. A Billy Cook saddle offers a wide variety of selection to fit any need. Some of the types are: All-Around, Barrel racing, Cordura, Cutting, Endurance, Flex Tree, Ranch, Penning, Reining, Training, Roping, Show, Park/Pleasure, Trail, and All Western. There are also styles to fit specific horse breeds such as Arabians, Draft horses, Gaited horses, Haflingers, Wide horses, mules, and ponies. Youth and young children sizes are also available. Some of the most popular Billy Cook Saddles include the Billy Cook Barrel Saddle, the Billy Cook Roping Saddle, and the Billy Cook Western Saddle.

It is also important to get accurate measurements of both the rider and the horse, when choosing to size a saddle. There should not be any slipping or rubbing if the saddle has been measured properly. There are saddle accessories that should be considered when putting together the perfect fit--headstalls, reins, breast straps, flank straps, stirrups, and strand cinches. Sometimes it is advisable to bring the horse to a saddlery to get measurements. The saddle should fit snug over the horse's withers, shoulders, and back, without being too tight.

Taking care of a saddle is just as important as choosing the right type and fit. Always make sure there is no debris, such as straw, sweat build-up, or grass, between the saddle and the horse. This can cause skin irritation for the horse. Clean saddles regularly. Keep checking for proper fit each year, and make adjustments if needed.

Hitting the trails, racing barrels, gaiting, or training, a rider will always be confident with a Billy Cook saddle. Horses are valued and wonderful animals--treasured throughout the world. Having a quality saddle that fits is an essential part of horsemanship. Especially if you need a western fit, you should look to Billy Cook Western Saddles.

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