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Stubben Saddles – Quality and Tradition

Starting as a family business in 1894, the long tradition of excellence of the Stubben Saddle name speaks for itself. Since the beginning, the Stubben family has been handcrafting quality saddles that last for years. Johannes Stubben, who began the company, was born in 1867. He studied the craft of saddlery from a young age and, after working as a journeyman for years, he was awarded the title of Master Saddler. From the time he established his company, Stubben had the reputation of superior craftsmanship. Surviving two World Wars, the Stubben family and the company has prospered into a world renowned enterprise, and continues to preserve their heritage and tradition of quality today.

When deciding on a saddle, there are many choices and companies to consider. The options and guesswork can seem endless. Is your horse small, narrow, medium, or wide? With Stubben saddles, you don't have to figure out your options alone. Since it's founding, Stubben has created saddles for every breed, size and shape of horse. One of the specialties of Stubben is horses who are hard to fit. Using the Stubben Custom Fit, a Certified Master Saddle Fitter will meet your horse and take specific measurements to make sure your saddle will fit properly and will be built specifically for you and your horse. The Stubben Custom Fit is a popular service and is one of the reasons people prefer Stubben over other saddlemakers. You receive constant support and updates from the Customer Service Center, enhancing your Custom Fit experience for your Stubben saddle.

All the models of Stubben saddles come in several choices and combinations. From the multiple tree widths, six seat depths, eight seat sizes, and a wide variety of flaps and leather choices, they can customize and fit almost any horse and rider. Popular styles include the Stubben dressage saddle and the Stubben jumping saddle.

In keeping with their tradition of building the highest quality saddles, Stubben has partnered with the Biomex Technology Center, the leading hospital for orthopedics in Switzerland, to develop a revolutionary seat design to reduce or eliminate a rider's back pain. This groundbreaking seat design will change the way a rider thinks of a comfortable saddle forever! When riding, the pressure on the spine is mainly through the seat bones. The Biomex cushions these bones and the soft tissue around them, creating the most comfortable ride you've ever experienced.

With its quality, traditions and innovative approach to saddlemaking, Stubben is the right choice for you and your horse. If you are currently looking for Stubben Saddles for sale, then you should consider looking at used Stubben saddles to save some money.

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