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You do not need to live on a ranch to learn how to ride a horse. There are a number of qualified facilities to teach people in all regions how to ride properly and also how to participate in various riding events. When you select the horse you want to own or learn with, you will need the proper type of saddle. A Tex Tan saddle is available in many different styles to fit the different breeds of horses. You will find Tex Tan saddles designed for basic riding and also for fancy show riding.

In their line of Arabian saddles they have a plain and a fancy design available. The seat size on both saddles measures sixteen inches and is constructed of genuine leather with rubbed edges. The decorative saddle has a hand tooled leather to make the whole piece have an etched design in it. The hardware and rigging is made with engraved silver and the total weight of this product is about thirty-nine pounds. The basic saddle is made of plain leather with tooled borders and nickel hardware. This item weighs about thirty-five pounds and comes in a chocolate color.

The Tex Tan barrel saddle is created with a cushioned seat and is designed for championship riding. This design is available with a fourteen or fifteen inch seat and comes with hand-tooled leather. The fancy style can also have decorative silver accents embellished with real Swarovski crystals. This fancy design also includes a braided rawhide horn and weighs about twenty-four pounds. This saddle is available in a lighter shade of tan with cream-colored stirrups. A variation on this design is the champion saddle in a darker pecan color with tan colored stirrups.

In the line of Tex Tan saddles for sale you will also find products designed for pleasure riding, trail riding and roping. The show saddles have more intricate carvings in the tooling of the leather and large sterling silver accent trim pieces. The ranch style of saddle comes with plain leather with tooled borders and is available with either a hard or suede seat style. All of the Tex Tan western saddles will include the reins, breast strap and headstall with adjustable designs to form a better fit. When shopping for a saddle, you will need to consider the size of the person who will be using it. The saddles created for a child are much smaller than those used for adults.

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