Wintec Saddle

Wintec Saddles Produces The Best Synthetic Saddles

Wintec manufactures some of the best synthetic saddles available as they were the first to ever do so. Started in 1934, they are popular for innovation. Simply put, a Wintec is synonymous with synthetic saddles. They offer comfort for both the horse and the rider.

Benefits of Wintec Saddles

First of all, Wintec's are lightweight. This translates to more comfort for your horse. And, that's important for longer rides or if you spend many hours in the saddle. The saddles are also easier to maintain because there is no need for oil or wax. Simple soap and water is all you need to clean the synthetic material. This also has the added benefit allowing you to ride through rougher weather and messier terrain without worrying about your saddle getting damaged.

Special Features of Wintec: CAIR and Changeable Gullet

Wintec's have two popular features which makes them stand out. The first is the CAIR Panel System or more commonly referred to as simply CAIR. It uses a panel filled with air instead of the traditional flocking (the padding inside the saddle). Over time, flocking can become compacted. Wintec resolved this issue by using air which means it won't hurt your horse due to wear. Instead, the air evenly distributes your weight and offers the added advantage of increased comfort for your horse.

The other major feature of a Wintec Saddle is the Easy Change Gullet System (a.k.a. changeable gullet). To get a good fit, the withers of the horse (the part between the shoulder blades) need to fit comfortably to the saddle. A horse's shape changes over time due to age, the discipline, and level of fitness. The Easy Change Gullet System lets you quickly adjust the gullet to fit the withers of the horse. The added benefit is also the ability to use the saddle on different horses instead of buying a new one.

Buying a Wintec Saddle

Wintec Saddles have become very popular to buy used because the synthetic material lasts very long. This means you can get a great deal on a used synthetic saddle and still enjoy all the benefits a new saddle would offer. Many riders are very satisfied with a used Wintec because it does what they need it to do, and they can save money over the high cost of buying a new saddle. The "resale" value of a Wintec also means you can sell it quite easily should you ever need to change saddles. Some popular types to look for include the Wintec Dressage Saddle, Wintec Stock Saddle, Wintec Western Saddle, and the Wintec Wide Saddle.

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